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What would you recommend for a 3yo flooding his diapers?

DS is to the point now where he's flooding his diapers and they're leaking everywhere. He only pees like 2-3 times a day now (I'm talking a 24 hour period) and nearly every time he pees it's just so much that he's leaking all over the place. It's incredibly frustrating!

And yes, we're working towards learning how to use the potty, but he's not there yet. He understands the concept, he very clearly is able to hold it, but he refuses to use the potty so it ends up that he just holds it until he can't possibly anymore and then he has an accident and is upset (this is rare), or he just holds it until nap or bedtime where we put a diaper on him (this is what most often happens). I'm at a loss with the PL'ing as well so if you have any tips for this, I'm all ears!

So anyway, back to my original question, what would you recommend for a flooder? Is there going to be anything that will hold up to that much pee? We were using pocket dipes, but we moved to Flips full time. Flips used to be bulletproof for us and do seem to hold up better than the diapers, but they're still leaking like crazy. I've tried just the regular stay-dry insert, the stay-dry insert stacked with 1 and 2 large sized hemp inserts, I've also tried a pad-folded flat (thinking maybe removing the stay-dry layer would help things absorb more quickly), a flat with 1 and 2 large sized hemp inserts, 2 pad-folded flats, and 2 flats with a hemp. Basically I can't think of another combo with what I have available.

I haven't yet tried straight MF (like a one-sized insert made for pockets) with a hemp insert on top of that. Do you think that would make a difference? Seems like it wouldn't because the fast absorber would have to go under the hemp so it wasn't against his skin.

I would prefer to use our Flip covers since we have that. Can you think of anything I could add to the Flip cover that would hold up better? I'm open to anything, but would prefer to utilize the covers we have.

Help! I'm really at my wits end with this. We gave PL'ing another go this weekend (this is the 2nd time around) and nothing has changed. He still refuses the potty. I think we're going to have to go back to diapers, but what we have just isn't cutting it.
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