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Re: When did you wean off of Nutramigen/Alimentum?

Originally Posted by wendow View Post
I'm not really sure what you should do either. It does sound like he is reacting to it on some level but I am always hesitant to stop a formula (or in our case now, a food) because of eczema or spitting up. My reasons why are that eczema can be caused by many different things and in less than 50% of cases, is it because of food. So, unless the eczema is really, really bad, I would try to simply treat the eczema and keep going.

The deal with spitting up is that some babies just spit up more and some formulas sit in the tummy longer causing more spitting. Is he taking more of the Similac sensitive b/c maybe he likes it better so he's drinking more? If he is happy, sleeping well, taking the formula easily, having normal poops and continuing to grow well, I would continue with this formula.

For my ds, we always see his reacting right away in his behavior and his sleep. So to me, it'd be encouraging that there is no problem there. That is just my thoughts.
I think the spitting up is because he is eating more of it. And, it is also more foamy/bubbly when mixed so I think the bubbles might cause him to burp more strongly and thus spit up more. The spitting up isn't as concerning. He seems to do it about 3-4 times a day and not every bottle at this point.

However, his eczema is BAD. His whole head looks like it is covered in cradle cap again, and his whole torso/neck is covered in red spots. I'm not sure if the red spots are virus related or not (he is getting over an ear infection). So, I'm keeping an eye on it and if the red spots don't go away with the virus, I might consider switching him back. Otherwise, I can easily treat the eczema on his scalp with cream and such.
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