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Re: S/O kids hair

Originally Posted by omgoodgravy View Post
No to pretty much all of it. I cannot stand long hair on boys and the older ones with the hair flip thing makes me want to scream.
No short hair for girls because I was forced to have pixie cutes as a kid with a very round face and even though I was very skinny I was always told I had a fat face so girls get long hair.
The other stuff is not allowed by school so it's a no also, maybe a dye thing for ODD in the summer but no to the rest.
Also DS has super thick hair and even if I allowed long hair it would probably smother him in the hot summer months.

And I feel that setting no expectations on things as simple as hair allow children to grow into adults who believe they can do as they wish and wonder why they cannot do well in a job or hold a position in the real world. It's ok to have expectations and say no for little things.

I will also add that my kids are "cruelly forced" to wear a uniform to school everyday and I don't allow any deviation from the expected uniform. I also have rules and expectations on what they can wear casually. I truly am the "mean" mom but I am ok with that in many ways.
You're not the only mean mom. Add me to the list. My answer would be no to all.
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