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Re: What to do with a toddler who just doesn't care?

Mama I'm in the same boat as you except my son is 42 months and he does it ALL in his diaper/undies/clothes, whatever, if he's not naked (he can be wearing a shirt, but nothing on the bottom). I haven't been letting him run around w/o bottoms b/c it's cold now and I don't crank the heat up, and I'm back to washing diapers all the time -- summer was a nice break since he only wore them naps/nights or when we went out.

It stinks. I tried letting him wear undies and just pee himself, but the day I did that when I took him to the potty he refused to take the undies off and peed THROUGH them into the potty. Then we all got sick (the kids for 5 days, now me and DH). So... and I'll be reading here for advice.

I like the idea of taking him to the bathroom on a regular schedule; I'll try it tomorrow!

In the meantime, whenever he talks about going to spend the night at aunties (like his bigger brother) or going to school...anything...I tell him that only boys who wear undies can do that. So, IDK, he's hit a really controlling/temper-tantrum stage and part of me thinks things will improve once he stops being so controlling.
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