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Questions about going back to work and daycare...

Everything I read seems to give me different info on how long BM is good for once pumped. I'm trying to figure out the best way to transport bottles to daycare.

My LO will be 11.5 weeks when I go back next week... (I don't want to go!)

Anyways - have no idea how much milk she takes (obviously). She DOES accept a bottle thank goodness.

My questions are though...
How much do I send?
How should I send it - in bigger bottles? Or in a bunch of smaller 4 oz bottles?
Can my LO take the rest of a bottle at the next feeding if she doesn't finish one at a feeding? (Say I packed 4 oz bottles and she only takes 3 oz - can she take that other 1 at the next feeding?)

And... every other kid at the daycare takes formula. Should I write up a little HOW TO for breastmilk? ie: how long it's good for in the fridge, how long it can sit out, how to defrost/how long to keep once defrosted etc... (I'm going to be keeping a few bags of frozen ebm in her freezer for those growth spurt days or in case of emergency where we can't get there right at pick up - think snow storms in upstate NY!)

Anything else anyone can tell me to make next week go smoother with the feeding while she's at daycare? I have a pump and pumping has never been a problem for me... I have a freezer full already.
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