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Need help!! Mastitis & Yeast Infections :(

My DD is 12 weeks old. I've been EBP for 10 weeks. About 8 weeks ago I got mastitis. Dr. gave me an AB to clear it up. As soon as it was gone I got a yeast infection (didn't spread to DD since she's not actually on the breast.) Dr. gave me 3 wks of Diflucan and I used gentian violet. Infection didn't go away. Next they had me use GV again, drink green tea, take probiotics and put monistat cream on. (I also sterilize pumping supplies daily.) That [I]almost[I] got rid of the yeast, but then I got mastitis AGAIN!!!! Dr. gave me AB, got rid of mastitis, now the dang yeast is back. GRRR.

Honestly, after all this terrible breast pain I am VERY close to switching to formula. This is distressing to me, but between the fact that DD won't actually breastfeed (have gotten lots of help from multiple LCs) and the pain and the fact that my breasts just WON'T get healthy, I am at my wit's end!!!

All this to say, anyone have some advice for me on how to get rid of this nasty yeast? Or anyone have a similar experience and get through it? Thanks....
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