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Re: Accountability - To Do List Thread:

Done! - finish sewing the small fitted diapers I have cut out
Done! Decided I am happy with what I have! Too much work to make a new one and too expensive to buy one! - sew or find a new diaper bag that can accommodate two in diapers
Done! - finish planting the garden
Done! I made very detailed lists on the chores and have been having the boys help every day. - teach the children how to take over farm chores temporarily after baby gets here
2 of 3 done! - sew of find some nursing nightgowns, at least three, and throw away the old ratty ones after birth (hoping to use one as a birth gown as not to ruin my new ones)
- bring mattress upstairs for sleeping after baby comes until I can do stairs again
Done!- finish de-cluttering the clothes and donate to goodwill or toss what we dont need
Done!- clean the garage so at least one of the bays is usable
- make freezer meals
Done!- finish the homeschooling by mid June
Done!- wash and lanolize woollies
Done! I have 5 pairs of shorties and 5 longies that ought to do.- knit some more shorties and longies if I have time

That is all I can think of right now
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