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Re: Poor sick baby...C. Diff, please help!

Originally Posted by luvsviola View Post
DS has had it twice. You have to bleach everything, as Clorox wipes won't kill it. He got it inpatient at the children's hospital. We do the antibiotics (I forget what he was on) plus push Florastor adult strength probiotics twice a day. We open the capsule and put it in applesauce. That was what GI told us to do. Because I didn't want to bleach my pocket dipes, I had to put them away for 4 months so I wouldn't re-infect him. The doc wanted me to bleach all his clothes, but that just wasn't a possibility, so I washed everything with lots of oxyclean, and dried it on hot. Anything that touched his poop got thrown away.

The second time DS had it, he had RSV and C diff at the same time. He was beyond miserable. We were inpatient for 5 days for it.

Good luck mama. It is miserable.

C diff is extremely contagious. Until she tests clean, absolutely no daycare or being around other kids. It is hard to kill, so it may take more than one round of meds. What my doc had us do was a round of meds, then wait two weeks, then test again to make sure it was out of the system.
I agree. Your LO cannot go beck to daycare until cleared by her doctor. You need to let Daycare know because they are going to have to really clean so it doesn't spread.

Alcohol doesn't kill Cdiff, sk soap and water, scrubbing and lots of bleach.

Cdiff is not MRSA. It is often contracted on hospitals, but it is different. It can be hard to get rid of. Name sure you do the complete course of flagyl.
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