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my DD has reflux she has been on meds starting at 5 weeks old at 3 weeks she was spitting up out her nose she couldn't even at the hospital sleep unless i was holding her upright now at 9 months i have to be careful what i eat and what she eats last night i put pears in her rice cereal and she was up for over a hour with a upset tummy
in her crib i have 2 thick pillows under the top of her mattress and a thin pillow under her bottom to keep her from sliding down about every 2 months the Dr ups the dose for her meds as she gains weight she is not a super spitty baby but can get terrible tummy aches from certain foods she can eat bananas peas graham crackers and Cheerios she can't do any pureed veggies or fruit she has in the last couple weeks been able to do a small dish of rice cereal reflux runs in my family so i don't have much hope she will out grow it but with her zantac she will be able to manage it
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