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Re: infant reflux?

my grandfather actually has acid relfux and sleeps on a wedge. i asked him where he got his and he said that he just bought a piece of camping foam and cut it at a 30 degree angle. works like a charm and much cheaper! we swaddle our 5 mo old and put him in a positioner and and he sleeps fine and doesn't move all night. until we did all this though, OMG. sleep was terrible! literally waking every 45 min screaming. once we put him on zantac and did the wedge/swaddle (with a miracle blanket) he started sleeping 6+ hours at a time at 6 weeks. now at 22 weeks, he sleeps an avg of 10 hrs a night AND naps really well during the day. there is also a bassinet sold at target that retails for around $50, it rocks and is adjustable so that you can put the baby at a 30 degree angle. they actually advertise it for babies with relfux. if we hadn't figure out our little system before we had seen that, i guarantee you we'd own it!
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