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What would you do? Baby at daycare not eating.

SO isn't my baby. There is a little 5- month old girl that my friend who watches my daughter has taken on. I think she's actually the baby of a cousin. Anyway...she's TINY for her age. She seems generally happy, but just doesn't look like a healthy size for her age. (I may be a little out-of-perspective; my daughter was 20 pounds at her age). Her mom leaves formula, but the baby won't drink it. We found out the other day that she does nurse her, but apparently doesn't pump. The little girl goes from 7:30- 5 without eating anything! I left some milk for her this morning, but if she won't take a bottle, I'm seriously considering offering to nurse the baby when I go to nurse my daughter at lunchtime. What do you think? It totally wouldn't bother me; I just can't understand why the mother doesn't seem to be more concerned about her baby not eating...
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