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Re: What would you do? Baby at daycare not eating.

Here's my personal experience: DD never would take a bottle, went straight to a sippy cup at 9.5 months. I was fortunate that in most instances I could take her to work with me to nurse. There were times I had to have her in daycare (or we tried in order to get her take a bottle, no way she was taking it with me around); however, I don't think more she went more than 7 hours without eating. DD was content to just wait, try as we would to get her to take a bottle (I pumped, not formula so that wasn't an issue for her.) She is petite-25th %tile, quite a contrast to her brother but has done just fine.

It's definitely the mom's call on what she wants to do. Maybe baby wakes up a bunch in the night to nurse and then "sleeps" during the day. My kids went that long at night w/o nursing by 4-6 mos.

Honestly, I wouldn't be happy about someone else taking it upon themselves to nurse my baby. Baby will eat if she's hungry enough IMO. However, I'm also wondering how the baby is doing mood-wise during the day. If she's crying and cranky all day because she' hungry, yet refusing to eat, that would bother me as a mom and a daycare provider. GL!
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