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Re: What would you do? Baby at daycare not eating.

Originally Posted by jakossi View Post

Baby will eat if she's hungry enough IMO.
I always thought the same thing, but found first hand w/ my DD.. this isn't always true with a baby.
I need gallbladder surgery, and my DD refuses to take a bottle. (and pacifier, for that matter.) So, at the advice of our lac consultant.. I left some pumped milk and a bottle with my Dh and the baby, and went to have a day by myself... in a desperate attempt to get her to take a bottle. We figured, once she figures out the bottle is all she has, and mom is nowhere to be found, she WILL take it. Boy, were we wrong. Dh had to call me home and I was gone almost 9 hours- Londyn hadn't eaten a drop.. she completely refused. She sucked so hard on her arm that she left herself a hickie, which is one of her hunger cues... but she would.not take that bottle. As SOON as I walked in the door and took her, she attacked my boob like she hadn't eaten in days. That was the first time she ever ate from BOTH sides, and left them feeling quite empty. She was STARVING, but she refused to take a bottle.
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