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We brought blankets home from the hospital as well. We also did up the baby's room more than a month in advance and had everything ready for baby so the dogs could inspect the room and the only exotic thing in it when the baby came home was the baby.

One dog just loved him right away and was security-patrolling the house every day to keep him safe. The other one took a few weeks of mournful glances at the baby to get fully accustomed. We did find that both dogs are very territorial of the baby when in the stroller. They do not like other dogs to sniff or touch the stroller. We were used to our dogs being really laid back walking so adjusting our routine and not letting anyone walk up to the stroller was something we didn't expect.

I have a German Shepherd/pit/shiba Inu mix and a mystery rescue who is shepherd mixed with who knows what. Both around 70 lbs. One was 3.5 yrs old and one was 3 yrs old when we brought baby home.
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