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Originally Posted by Mamaleah
I have a lab mix and I didn't do anything to 'help' her. She was 1.5 when we brought our daughter home. I think I may have held a doll around her a little in the end, but maybe twice? When we brought her home, I let our dog come and check her out and sniff as much as she wanted. Then she just left her alone. She would come and sniff her when I held her and when she was in the swing. Then she would lay down by us or my daughter in her swing. Our dog doesn't bark or anything...meaning she isn't maybe that is why she didn't have any problems? If you think your dog is aggressive and doesn't like new things, that is when I would worry. If your dog/s are good dogs that do okay with new people/animals then I wouldn't worry. If you stress about it, your dog will pick up on it and try to protect you.
My older dog is fine with new people but not animals. But that is a fear thing. She has met several children including a 2 month old and has done fine. She give the kids distance and is very gentle. The younger one is only 6 months. She is hyper and doesn't pay attention , but that's getting better with age.
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