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Re: Preggo Twin Mama Buddy Group!

Originally Posted by iloveec View Post
Hi I'm 12 weeks preg with twins. I'm currently on bedrest due to a subchorionic hematoma. I'm hoping I'm team pink since I already have two boys!!
Sorry to hear you are already on bedrest That can't be fun. I hope you get to even the playing field!

Originally Posted by saraOH View Post
Hi, I'm Sara. 22 weeks along with twin boys. We wanted a third baby and got surprised with baby 3 and 4. They are fraternal and all is well so far. Nice to meet everyone!
Congrats on the boys! We were going for #5 and got #5 & #6
Originally Posted by kricket24 View Post

Did anyone else feel nauseous still around 12 weeks?
I've always felt nauseous around 12 weeks with all my pregnancies, and I still feel nauseous. It's getting worse again, it was a little better from about 16 weeks to 25 weeks.

Originally Posted by KatieG-Lux View Post
Hey, mind if I join? Im Katie and I just delivered my twin boys in November. 2 months ago today. These are my first, we have my boyfriends 3 girls 1/2 the time. Id love to answer any questions you might have about the pregnancy, and possibly unload all this twin stuff when Im done with it since there most likely wont be more coming.
Hi Katie! Congrats on the boys! Thanks for being willing to share

AFM: We found out Friday that we are having 2 more girls! Ahhh! My poor son cried Everything looks pretty good. They thought one baby's abdomen was measuring a bit small, so we have another u/s in 2 weeks, but the weights weren't far off, so I'm not worried about it. Fun to see lots of other expectant and new twin moms
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