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I'm so excited, I just found this thread. I'm really excited to get to know you all and for us to all go on this kidney together!

I'm Whitney, 18 weeks with boy/ girl twins. We just found out their genders yesterday. I had been thinking that was what they were but I was so nervous during the ultrasound. Baby boy is baby A so we got his gender really quick and then it took forever to get baby girl to cooperate.

The tech was also a little hesitant about the fact that he is 10 oz and she is 8 but from what I have read it should really be like 2 singleton pregnancies at the same time, right? Different genetic makeup can make them different sizes I would think.

I am still getting sick some days (like today) but it is nothing like the first trimester. We already have a 2 year old son so chasing after him makes me so tired! I can't imagine adding 2 more to the mix.
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