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Re: Please remind me that this phase will pass (toddler throwing food on floor)

Hahahaha! My son is 18 months, and he is a champion food thrower. He has a pretty good right arm, I tell you. I get blueberries to the face. Noodles in the ear.

We've just started taking his food when he throws it, and saying, you must be all done! More often than not, he responds, "All done! Get down!" Or some combination of those words. So, we let him down.

Also, we have a dog who is getting fat from doing clean up duty.

And like a PP said, we just give him a few bites at a time, usually. When he throws something, he doesn't get it back.

Anyway, good luck! We hope it's a phase. I guess he won't be fifteen and chucking "noonles" at my head. LOL.
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