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bleeding but healthy pregnancy?

Anyone bleed red for a long time and still have a healthy pregnancy?

I've been bleeding red for 7 days(at first just when I wiped, light for 2 days, then medium for two days, back to light, and now back to just when I wipe). I emailed my mw last week after a couple days bleeding and she said it sounded like a m/c and to retes when I stopped bleeding. Thing is, when I tested (13dpo) I would've only been 3w5d, bled for 7 days and now I'm getting darker bfps than when I did before. On Saturday (4w3d)I went to the ER bc I was still bleeding and feeling really lightheaded, like I would pass out. I have a bleeding disorder so wondered if I might be losing too much blood. They did an u/s but didn't see anything (but I was reading that sometimes you can't even see the sac until 5 wks) and said my beta was low (but wouldn't tell me a number) and I was probably having a m/c. My bp was super high, so that explains the lightheadedness. I would be 5wks tomorrow. So anyways, I'm hoping that it was/is a sch or decidual bleeding or something since blood never became brown and I never passed any clots larger than 1-2mm... Wishful thinking? Shouldn't I get a bfn or at least lighter bfps after a whole week of bleeding at only 4wks?? Someone tell me their healthy pregnacy stories.
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