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Re: An alternative to store bought formula!

Thanks for the very thorough reply. To be quite honest, I did not fact-check or go any further after reading Fuhrman's article to verify His claims, only because - my time was up. 2 little ones, i get limited time on the pc. So i'd been researching in spurts, not always best, and a good way to lose train of thought. Further, I actually did not read the entire thing, since i was focusing on formula, so i just read the top part and not the other sections. Had i read to the end as you did, i to would've grown very suspicious to see him touting his book...and I want to apologize for even posting my previous post in case it caused any other mamma to hesitate in the pursuit of making their own formula. I guess once i read the part where he lists the "irresponsible and potentially dangerous" ideas the WAPF touts, and stuff like "permanent brain damage can occur from the feeding of whole cow's milk to babies..." I turned off to the whole idea.

So since i really don't have it in me to make my own formula (at least i'm cloth-diapering and i'm even catching flack for that, in that hubby & mom thinks it's taking up too much of my time) i'm curious - what DO you think of Babie's Only? Assuming arsenic is in fact, not a concern? Here's a link to the ingredients list:

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