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Re: An alternative to store bought formula!

Originally Posted by Tresor27 View Post
Thanks for the very thorough reply. To be quite honest, I did not fact-check or go any further after reading Fuhrman's article to verify His claims, only because - my time was up. 2 little ones, i get limited time on the pc. So i'd been researching in spurts, not always best, and a good way to lose train of thought. Further, I actually did not read the entire thing, since i was focusing on formula, so i just read the top part and not the other sections. Had i read to the end as you did, i to would've grown very suspicious to see him touting his book...and I want to apologize for even posting my previous post in case it caused any other mamma to hesitate in the pursuit of making their own formula. I guess once i read the part where he lists the "irresponsible and potentially dangerous" ideas the WAPF touts, and stuff like "permanent brain damage can occur from the feeding of whole cow's milk to babies..." I turned off to the whole idea.

So since i really don't have it in me to make my own formula (at least i'm cloth-diapering and i'm even catching flack for that, in that hubby & mom thinks it's taking up too much of my time) i'm curious - what DO you think of Babie's Only? Assuming arsenic is in fact, not a concern? Here's a link to the ingredients list:

Lol my LO goes to be early, so I get some free time at night. I totally get what you mean, and although brain damage can occur from infants fed whole cow's milk, that's because they are being fed ONLY cow's milk. Although I don't agree with everything WAPF recommends, I can't agree with what Dr. Fuhrman did, you know?

For me, I like making my own formula. I know exactly where my ingredients are coming from, I can guarantee it's not in BPA containers (I stored it in glass,) I know how it was handled and that there won't be any weird contamination issues. However, if I didn't want to make my own or I couldn't make my own, I don't think I would use Baby's Only, even if the arsenic issue had never occurred. I don't like that sugar is the first ingredient. Which is what these syrups are. I think it's too much sugar for a baby. yes, they require a lot of carbs, but the sugar content seems high to me. My other issue is the lack of whey in the formula. Whey is added to try to bring the whey-casein ratio of cow's milk closer to that of human milk. Nature's One claims that the difference in the whey-casein ratio doesn't cause adverse health effects, but several countries do mandate adding whey to infant formulas to bring the ratio closer to that of human milk. I personally would prefer that there be whey in the formula because I want it to be as close to breast milk as possible. Having such a different whey-casein ratio forms more curds in the stomach and those are hard to digest. i've heard of many babies becoming constipated while eating Baby's Only, and this is likely the reason.

Baby's Only doesn't contain additional lactose. Human milk has more lactose than cow's milk, so they should be adding lactose to the formula, in my opinion. Baby's Only also contains two soy ingredients. While most, if not all commercial formulas contain soy, I prefer to minimize exposure to soy as much as possible because of it's estrogen mimicking properties.

And finally, unless you purchase the DHA version of Baby's Only, your baby will not be getting DHA. DHA comes from animal products or algal oils. Unless you are using an algal oil, you need to use some kind of animal product to provide DHA. Cow's milk alone does not provide very much DHA at all and is not sufficient. The human body is not very efficient at converting ALA to DHA. very little ALA ever becomes DHA.

Although other formulas do contain Martek's DHA, which may or may not be GM and may or may not be extracted with hexane, the DHA portion of the formula accounts for a very tiny amount of the ingredients, less than one percent. Considering the other issues I have with Baby's Only are much more nutritionally significant, I would not recommend Baby's Only.

The formula I used before I learned about homemade formula was Parent's Choice Organic from Walmart. Parent's Choice is made by the same company as Earth's Best and is basically the generic version. Their parent company is called PBM. It costs half as much as Earth's Best. You can see their ingredients at these sites:

Earth's Best:
Parent's Choice Organic:
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