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Re: Taking DR/too frugal living too far....not updating home....

For most, renovating a house involves borrowing money. That's what DR is against.

My thoughts are, life is too short. Since 2008, I've lost two first-cousins to cancer, both were 35 when they died. One worked 7 days a week so his wife could stay home with their children but missed pretty much all of their school events and sports games. He said on his death bed that he wished he hadn't worked so much because he missed it all.

The other cousin, a woman with a husband and 8 yr old son also worked but not enough so that she missed her son's school performances or sports games. She also took trips with her family several times during the year.

I have also survived cancer. Last year, I lost my right kidney due to a cancerous tumor. It could've been ME we were burying at Thanskgiving time last year and not my cousin. When you've had cancer, it changes your perspective on a LOT of things. Including saving a boatload of money and becoming TOTALLY debt free because for some of us, there won't BE a 'later' to live for. You just don't know.

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