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Holy weight gain Batman!

Just a little update. I'm 36.5 weeks now...we never thought I'd make it to 34 so that's great...mostly. The little fellow seems to be getting comfortable now though and I'm ready to move on. I've been "in labor" for more than 3 months now so now that he's big enough to be healthy, I'm ready to get the show on the road! Anyway, at my MW appt last week she checked me and said that my cervix was soft but the baby was high and I wasn't dilated at all. I was so embarassed because I just broke down and cried right there (this was after a rough weekend of painful contractions so I was just sure that something was happening). Well, I've actually been feeling halfway decent for the past week. Not sure if the antidepressants are starting to kick in or if it's the hormones or what, but I've really been feeling ok except for crazy swelling and headaches...nothing major. Well, I went back for another checkup today and I've gained 11 pounds in 7 days!!! Plus my blood pressure was through the roof. At first she said she wanted to send me straight to the hospital for monitoring, but then she let me rest for a bit and rechecked and my blood pressure was down a little. So she decided to send me home on bedrest (again! ) and told me no salt, no sodium, force water, and come back in two days to be rechecked (sooner if I have blurred vision or anything like that). It figures, I finally start feeling ok and *now* there's a problem! The good news is, I go back for the recheck on Thursday which is 37 weeks so if there is a problem, it's pretty much ok to have the baby now. I don't want to be induced though, I'd rather let him come when he's ready...I just wish I could convince him to get ready! I've never had blood pressure problems before, in fact, my blood pressure is usually insanely low so I've got to do some research and find out what the concerns are. One question though, is it normal that a blood pressure problem would pop up all of a sudden? I thought it was strange that the swelling and headaches started all of a sudden one day last week and I've been checking my blood pressure at home and knew that it was up (although not as much as it was this morning). Oh well...the joys of pregnancy...
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