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Re: Tips for tighter install?

Originally Posted by justineybean View Post
I have been educated several times in the past. I needed help with knowing whether the seat was tight enough and he could easily pull on the seat and tell me if it was moving too much. I feel confident about my ability to properly install the seat. I didn't need him to take it out and re-install it to show me how. Also I feel like you can educate someone without assuming they don't know how to do it and starting from the beginning.
Yes, you can educate someone without starting from the beginning. However, for a "proper" car seat check, the tech should go through a process that starts with taking the seat out and doing/teaching the installation from start to finish. Part of the reason is that there may be problems with the seat (or the installation) that you can only determine by taking it out and giving it a once-over.

Now, if you just dropped by the fire station and specifically asked if they could check if it was tight enough, and all they told you was, basically, "yes, it's tight enough," then I don't think that necessarily means that the person you saw was not a good tech. If someone comes to see me to check for tightness, I will encourage them to go through the whole check process, but I'm not going to absolutely insist on it.
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