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Re: Tips for tighter install?

Originally Posted by monica-m View Post
The check protocol has nothing to do with how educated you may be. Safe Kids and NHTSA put together a curriculum for techs and protocols and procedures for us to follow. I would not trust someone that did not follow these protocols and procedures to not cut corners elsewhere.

I give every person the same check no matter how much knowledge they seem to have. Every single time I have had a parent tell me that they were not worried about a seat (belonging to a sibling, for example, rather than the seat they came to have checked) I have found dangerous mistakes. One of those seats was installed with a LATCH strap that was not even in the belt path but completely behind the seat. The mom had assumed that dad or the babysitter had installed it correctly when in fact it was not installed at all.
The bolded - I was just responding to the PP who said the role of the CPST was to educate parents, not to check seats and do installs.

... Thanks for your input. That makes a lot of sense.
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