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Re: When did you tell?

I told my Mom within 1/2 hour of taking the test...literally. She is my best friend and there is no way I couldn't tell her immediately. Also, we work together and I am a horrible pregnant person so she would have known something was up right away anyway. I told the next closest family members to me (my Aunt and cousin) after about a month. My brother and sis-in-law at about that time also. My co-workers /employees as needed due to horrible pregnancy symptoms that were unhideable. Everyone else after making it out of the first trimester. After having had miscarriages, I don't like the "world" knowing till I am pretty sure we are in the safe zone. In fact this last time I didn't really talk about it to anyone too much till almost 5 months. I can hide it physically pretty well for awhile so I just sort-of didn't say much and most people don't want to be the first to say it so it just went unadressed for awhile.

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