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promotion of an idea...

Bottom line up front: Can I start a coupon train in the thrifty section?

I'd like to start a coupon train for military mama's overseas. Anyone can participate but the final "station" will be a military mama that is overseas. They can use coupons that are up to six months past their expiration date and this can be a good way to get rid of our own coupons that are expired.

I can start this, anyone can join (as long as a military mama overseas is the final recipient).

I wanted to ask if this is something I can do here on DS before getting started. And I'm asking in this forum so maybe if someone else is interested, they can post here so I can start to get an idea of the number of participants to keep track of.

I already know of one mama that would be most appreciative of an envelope of coupons. So if there are other military mama's that can use one as well, we can get more than one train going.

I have not been on much in the past few months, please be patient with me returning PM's.
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