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Re: promotion of an idea...

Originally Posted by MamaJo View Post
I think its a great idea My only concern is keeping addresses safe. Its sort of like the "fairy" idea - its a bit of a liability to give out addresses. Did you have an idea on how that would work?
Hmmm... The only way I can think of keeping addresses safe is if one (or just two) people are the "lead" people to take addresses of willing participants and then when someone new posts onto the thread that they want to participate, then the the poster above them will be sent the new persons address so they can send the envelope. Did that make sense?

We can keep the trains to a limited 10 people so there isn't mass confusion as to where it starts/stops, etc.

IE: I start a train and willing participants email/PM me with their address. Anyone that posts on the thread will get an address of the poster below them. I can send each participant the information of the poster below them so there isn't mass confusion as to who was "really" below them and no one is getting a huge list of addresses.

We can open it up, take about three days to get 10 participants, then two days to get all the info in and disperse it, and then the first person get it started by mailing out an envelope.

The final person is a military mama overseas. I know of one that is willing to be a recipient, and I know there are others that would be more than happy to receive coupons.

Any interested parties can go to to find out what types of coupons the overseas mamas can use (in a nutshell... any manufacturer coupons that aren't store specific, and up to 6 months expired)

Anyone have any other ideas as to how this can work... or even have experience with running an actual coupon train?
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