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Re: what age did you leave child overnight?

My 7 year old has never slept a night without one or both of us parents being there from night to morning (I have worked 3rd shift, and I now am often home after he's asleep when I work every other weekend, but Dad is there, then). When my husband has traveled for work, then I was home the entire time. I stayed over a night in the city with a friend...last year?...and the kids stayed with my husband, but I feel as though you mean "leave" as with a non-parent. So for him, never.

With the older, this is pushing my memory. If I was in the hospital for birth or surgery, the kids were with my then-husband at night, not with friends or extended family. The first time my daughter slept out of our house without me was after my husband left, and the kids would sleep over every other for her staying with a friend or my parents...maybe 7? When I had to go to the hospital for overnight surgery and was single. She was never fond of sleeping away from me. For the two older boys...they were maybe 8 or 9 each when first sleeping away from both parents.

We never had a need to leave our infants, or even young toddlers.
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