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I do not agree the five year old is safe in a booster. She does NOT sit properly, and she is small for her age. She is actually nearly 5.5, and my (granted slightly tall) nearly four year old is as tall as her. She would fit in a five point for years. For example, when she sits in my children's radians, she has two strap notches above the one she fits, and her shoulders are still just a tiny bit below the ones she is on.

The three year old fits properly in her car seat. It was a very nice, expensive seat that was purchased for her five year old when she was a baby. The only problem with the seat is that it is expired. While she has not followed a lot of the car seat rules, she has never put any of her children (she also has an almost ten year old) in a car seat that was too small for them. Her biggest mistake has been to move them up too soon, and that has really mostly been because up until recently she not had a car, and would often take the bus one way and get a ride the other. It's much easier to carry a booster on the bus than a big car seat.

I spoke to her again last night, and she said she really does want to make car seats a priority. I just know she needs to be careful with her money, and would like to find good options for two five points, preferably ones that turn into high back boosters, that won't completely break the bank.

Just for the record, the three year old can still safely rear face, but I doubt she would do it with out a fight, so a convertible is not a need. The five year old is easy going and would not complain about going back to a five point.
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