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Re: Contractions in the evening at 18wks?

They're braxton hicks contax, and totally normal.

If they get intense and very bothersome, they can be a sign that you are dehydrated, that you are stressed, that you need some rest, or that you are straining too hard throughout the day.

But IME (and this is baby #4) they aren't something to get all panicky about unless you are also having discharge/blood, or they are LABOR pains, and not just uncomfortable tightening of your uterus.

If they irritate you, try drinking a HUGE GIGANTIC glass of water, and laying down for 30-60 mins. Typically, they ease up or go away.

Posture also matters. How are you sitting when you do sit? Are you sitting too long? If I sit for 30-45 mins (watching TV or eating lunch or whatever) and I am not using good posture, I will start having some BH contrax. It's my body saying "Hey, lady, move. This is not a good position..."

Another thing that can cause them is a "full" bladder. Sometimes not full enough for you to notice that you have to pee, but full enough to put just enough pressure on the uterus to irritate it. Try peeing when you are having them a lot and can't figure out why. At the very least, this will ease up some pressure in your abdomen they won't be as intense.

Also if you can monitor your water intake throughout the day, and make sure you are hydrated very well, you probably will not notice them much.

They are a normal part of pregnancy, though. Your uterus is preparing for a huge undertaking, and it is "practicing" or "exercising" itself. It's normal for pregnant ladies to have them, but not normal for them to be very very intense or to last for a long, long time, or be accompanied by any strange or bloody discharge, or for them to be LABOR pains.

Take care of yourself and you should notice an improvement!
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