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Re: Why can't things get sent until after you involve a mod or file a dispute?!

Originally Posted by soon2b3 View Post
I have on a few occasions mailed something and it not been scanned into the PO for a few days after I personally delivered it to the PO. It is very frustrating. I just had a flat rate priority mail package take 5 days to even show up as being sent. I also try to let my buyers know that their pp dc# is coming but if it doesn't I can man
ually get it to them.
5 days is perfectly fine! I'm referring to the sellers that take weeks claiming things are in the mail. I'm dealing with this now on another site. In the past I've had this happen a couple other times too. They make a ridiculous number of excuses, then you involve a mod or file with pp, and suddenly within the day or two the package is suddenly scanned and on its way. Or, the seller who can't bother to return a message can suddenly refund you on paypal when you file a dispute.

The person I'm dealing with now was posting in our bst group, but not responding to my pms. Very frustrating. She finally got back to me (I paid for my item with pp in the beginning of the month). I haven't involved a mod yet because I know she is dealing with a personal issue and I don't want to embarrass her in the group, but I'm giving her until Friday then emailing a mod. Then if that doesn't help, I'm going to file with pp next week.
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