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Re: GOOD books to help a 5 yr old learn to read

Originally Posted by ChurchPunkMom View Post
I've heard great, great things about this. My husband also did with our kids what we call "building words" and it's literal. We would tape a letter onto a duplo then build words. My dd loved using duplo's (and now legos), so this was perfect for us.

We also have a program called GarageBand on our computer that let's us record our daughter saying the letter sounds. Then dh would slowly move the sounds in closer to one another so that the final result was an actual word. For iinstance she'd hear herself stay.

D......................o.......................... g





then she'd scream

"Dog, it's dog!" and giggle. It was really cool! She needed the visuals to help her see how words were put together. I'm not exagerating, it was about 1 year later from that point that she was reading at a 4th-5th grade (ps) level and we just can't slow her down
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