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Re: Shortness of breath - at end of first trimester...

Originally Posted by nisha View Post
I am anemic and if I'm not taking iron, I feel exactly like you are describing. I take Floradix and have felt SO much better since I started!

I was borderline anemic with my two previous pregnancies but the shortness of breath was NOTHING compared to this time!
I'm really wondering if that's what this is. It's back again now at 16 weeks. I've been getting enough water, and I'm taking my prenatals everyday. I have my 16w appt tomorrow and will ask for an iron level to be checked.

Funny if that is it though because I remember my level at my first appointment was 17.9... the midwife actually commented that I had "the iron level of a man". That was when I was drinking green smoothies with about 3 cups of spinach a day, but I can't handle that being pregnant anymore - the cold of the smoothie now that fall is here won't go down well, and that's a lot of liquid to get down at once.
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