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Re: Shortness of breath - at end of first trimester...

Originally Posted by 7 for now View Post
I would make an appt with a cardiologist. I had congenital heart disease and before needing my open heart surgery that is how I felt. It prob. is preg related but heart related also as there is such an increase in blood flow and the heart has to work much harder. My cardio says pregnancy is like running a marathon for a heart. It could not hurt to have it checked out and maybe have an echo done.

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Just did that... they can't get me in until Wednesday, but it's a shorter wait than most places I suppose. My last "episode" of this business was a few weeks ago (when I started this thread) and it lasted 4 days then better. This has been 3 days this time so far... so I'm afraid by wed it'll be gone and I'll have no answers - and then when/if it happens again, I'll be back to square one with trying to be seen while it's happening. I wonder if they'll do a holter monitor since when I'm sitting perfectly still (like in the ER last night), it's not an issue.

My family has a very strong cardiac history. My dad started having heart blockages when he was in his early 40's... he now has more than 13 stents and has had 1 heart attack. He's not yet 60.
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