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Re: Gift question

Lego, lol, just about every time. My boys are just turned 5 and about to turn 8.

It always has a ton of bits, of course, but they are small bits, we have no babies to eat the bits and the boys like to keep any 'sets' they have together.

So star wars spaceships...the ship gets made up, any spare bits go in a ziplock bag with it's instruction books. The ship gets played with, sometimes pulled apart and remade into something else, but mostly, the pieces from that set stay with that set.

So it's not all a giant mess of blocks and it's all smallish stuff. And, I figure they/we can sell sets when they are older if they don't want them and they want $$$ for something.

Apart from that, they usually get a zip up jumper/hoodie with a favourite character on it (the last ones were lego ninjas), a book of some sort...usually a lego, see a theme here? My boys are ALL ABOUT LEGO atm. Maybe a new stainless steel drink bottle. That's birthdays, anyway.

I go for useful things and things that pack down, can go in bookshelf, things that are needed etc.

Both my boys have birthdays in March and April, so extended family giving gifts to each boy and a combined birthday party with their friends, plus something from each other and dh and I....I have a big bag of donations from their room in the boot of my car this morning to go. We are in the middle of the birthday/party thing at the mo.

Edit: from family for xmas, we asked for character t-shirts, particular x-box games they wanted, their own camping equipment, lego.
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