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Re: Meal Planning: What is your system?

I've changed from a month of meals that get crossed off, to a month of meals on set days. WHy b/c 3 nights a week I don't cook my boys and DH do those nights. They have to plan their meals for the month than every week I write down what we need for only the week. Right now, after spending 150 last week on food, this week I realized that I really needed nothing for the rest of the month but I bought fruit and vegetables as well as stocked up on some items that were on sale so 40 later I'm out of the store.

And yes they each get a budget for the meal $8/meal and its considered free if we already have ingredient on hand. So this week for ds2(7y/o) its beans and franks with corn bread (we have all that we need for that meal on hand), dh is making egg salad sandwiches (free we have it all on hand), ds1 is making "slop" scrabbled eggs with leftovers added in (again free as we have eggs). For thursday I'm making vegetable chowder (a freezer meal), on Sunday its German Pancakes (yes lots of eggs this week), I can't remember whats' Monday.
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