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Re: Summer weightloss challenge starts today! check in here!!!

hmm I think I'd love to join! I've been meaning to get out of the house lately and working on my body since I had DS 13 month's ago.

I weigh...125 lbs. I am 5'3'' and 21 year's old. I KNOW 125 lbs isn't bad but I FEEL horrible because I weighed around this much when my family use to make fun of me so this is HORRIBLE to me. I did weigh 110 before having DS. My Goal weight is 115 lbs. I hope I can do it. DH and I were going to start TTC but I'm willing to hold off for a bit to get back in shape. I heard about a book called THE BELLY FAT CURE I dont have and can't buy it right now but a mama I know seen wonderful result's if any of you would like to try it.

Any tips on working out would be great. I'll take some shot's of my body later for before and after shots. I'm going to cut off the soda and snacks, DH and I are going to start working out and I'm going to try other thing's also. IDK how to track any of this other then I can write down my workout routine and weigh myself every Monday, if theres anything else I need to know please lmk! Thanks ladies!
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