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Thanks for the suggestions.

I have been trying jay Gordon's method actually. And she goes to bed with a sippy cup. When she wakes up she's like a screaming maniac and nothing pacifies her. It could possibly be a sleep regression. There's a pattern. She sleeps good for a week or so (only waking once at night), then regresses to waking every one or two hours. I was debating doing a sleep study with her, just not sure what that entails and her pediatrician was very resistant when I asked for the referral. Her suggestion was to lock her door and let her cry herself to sleep.... this is me rolling my eyes.
And as far as leaving, I wish I could.. DH works and goes to school full time so he's rarely home and usually gets home late and out early. He tries to console her on her first waking. Usually that ends quickly and she's in bed w me sooner then later
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