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Re: Introducing a new WAHD (thats at home DAD!) OLD GLORY AMUSEMENTS

Animals and People

Our Horse measures 5.25" length by 4.5" heighth by .75" width. Our Pony measures 3" length by 2.5" heighth by .75" width. Each Horse is $8. Each Pony is $4. Horses and Ponies do not have to be purchased as a set.

Our Unicorn measures 6" length by 4.25" heighth by .75" width. Each Unicorn is $10.

Our Large Dragon measures 8.75" length by 6" heighth by .75" width. The Large Dragon comes with a removable flame but can be created without this part (removable flame is a choking hazard for younger children). We can also create a Large Dinosaur by using this pattern but removing the wings and flame. Each Large Dragon/Dinosaur is $10.

Small Dragon measures 5" length by 4.5" heighth by .75" width. Each Small Dragon is $6. We can also create Small Dinosaurs by using this pattern without the wings!

Our Royal Set contains 5 characters. The Royal Set characters measure from 1.75" to 2.5" length by 3.5" to 4.75" hieghth by .75" width. We currently offer the Royal Set in "natural" only. The Royal Set is $15 for all 5 pieces.

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