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Originally Posted by Southern Momma
Yeah, a lot of those cute dresses and skirts are only available online from Target. I wish they were in store so I could try them on before buying but oh well...I think they'll fit. I think the stores in Canada will have a little different inventory so maybe they'll carry some in store...I received the employee magazine (I work there part time on the weekends) last week and noticed it listed some items the Canadian stores will carry but haven't really had time to read it.

So constant nursing is normal? It sounds like a lot of babies are doing that. Honestly, I was starting to wonder if maybe something was wrong; my biggest concern was she's not getting enough to eat. There's milk in the shield and it dribbles out of her mouth when she unlatches. Also, her diaper is wet at every feeding but she's not pooping regularly. She went 48 hours without pooping then had two yesterday. She's very gassy too. But back to the constant nursing; she ending up nursing from a little after 6pm to 1am. 30 minutes on one side, burp, 30 minutes on the other side, burp, nap in my lap for 15 minutes or so then start all over again. She slept from about 2am to 4am, then nursed 30 minutes on one side. Slept in the bed with me for the first time until 8am and then nursed until 11am. I'm tired but we've been working so hard to get her nurse I'm really long as that amount of nursing is normal.

M couldn't wear OS diapers for very long...maybe until 18 months or so? She wore L and XL dipes until she potty learned at 2 1/2 years old. She was always in the 90th something percentile. I have a lot of OS diapers for B. I hope to at least get 18 months use of of them but it'd be nice to be able to use them through potty learning. B's smaller than M was....about 50th percentile and a little over 8 lbs. The OS dipes are starting to fit a little better but still too big.
Yeah, DD nurses constantly too. Is yours actively nursing, or just self-soothing? I had to start doing compressions with her.
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