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Re: I'm a thread killer!

Originally Posted by mommy2kaitlyn View Post
Rock it! Seriously rock the car. Put it in drive and reverse back and forth. I got my van stuck once..I pulled a bone headed move. I should have known better since I am from South Dakota but yeah I tried to be macho mama in her van and got stuck. Everyone was trying to help. I am like leave me alone I will get it out! This guy was trying to push my van as I was reversing. Made me so nervous I might run over him or something. I ended up getting out and pushing a SUV that got stuck on ice stopping to try and help me. I would only go though if you absolutely needed to though. I used to have a little Geo storm. I still got around on roads here when they were closed...they close so fast down here it is nuts so probably 5-6 inches out. I got the van stuck in about 2 ft.
Dh got it stuck! He did eventually get it back in the driveway doing that, our concern is getting it out on the busy road, by the time you get it moving there will be a car. I'll have to sacrifice for the sake of not getting hit!
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