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Re: Hospital or Home Birth????

Im terrified of hospitals. DS was born at a birthing center and dd was born at home. We thought about a homebirth with this baby, but after weighing all everything we decided to go back to the birth center where ds was born.
We lived out of state and didnt have the option of a birthing center with dd.

Ultimately I think there are risks at home or in the hospital, and everyone just has to decide what they are most comfortable with. Labor is largely how your perceive it, and if you know you'll be scared and stressed in a hospital, you probably wont labor well there. If you have a hb and dont feel comfortable with the midwife, you might not labor well.

The deciding factor for us this time was the midwives experience, and the fact that there's another option other than the hospital. With dd our midwife had many, many years of experience. The only hb midwife in our current area only has 3 years of experience, and I'm pretty sure she's a "trust birth, hands off" kind of midwife. Which I don't feel comfortable with. I need to know that the mws caring for us are going to be able to catch any complications before they become serious.
If we didn't have the birth center, I honestly dont have a clue what we'd do. Like I said, Im terrified of hospitals. I have nightmares like crazy about being in a hospital when I was pregnant with dd. Im sooooo grateful for our birth center.
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