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Re: Hospital or Home Birth????

Thank for all your opnions. I still have no clue but my dh really wants a homebirth. Give you an idea we are twenty minutes from the hospital. So that is a downfall, but the midwife I have found has thirty years of care for home births.
Hospital downfalls are doctors never make it to my births so nurses tend to deliever me anyways. No bathtubs to labor in only showers. You have to share a recovery room.

My labors are very fast and I normal for from 5 cm to 10 cm in a half an hour and longest pushing was with dd and it was five miuntes.

But truthfully I like the attention after the birth at the hospital from the nurses. Being able to truely lay there in bed and recover. I am scared after the baby is here at home I will be back in action sooner than I would like to be. Does that make sense.
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