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Re: Another old skool challenge?

Originally Posted by dagmomma View Post
Sorry if you mentined it before but what is your favorite flat and what is your favorite cover?

Also if it is not an all cotton flat, what is your fav all cotton flat?
I may or may not have mentioned it already...can't remember who've I'd told and who I've not told lol

To be honest, I like all of my flats for completely different reasons. I think as far as an all-cotton flat, I'd have to say GMD are probably my favorites. They're SO close to being square and as long as you don't over dry them, they stay nice and flat without curling (at least mine have, anyway). I LOVE the large GMD's for origami folding on my 11-month-old, but they would definitely never even come close to working for a newborn (just too big).

As far as covers, I've tried most of the bigger names and my favorite for padfolding is flips (nothing can match the fantastic trimness of the flips-with-padfolded-flats combo, IMO). But I prefer both capris and blueberry coveralls for traditional folds (origami, kite fold, etc.). My LO is a chunk, and those provide great coverage without me having to do all sorts of tucking the diaper in around the legs and everything.

Overall, though, I think if I could only get one kind of cover to use with my flats, I would probably get the capri, because its fuller coverage makes it more versatile than the flip (at least for me).
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