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Re: Defiant little girl...I have to tell my friend that her DD can't play with DS any

I wouldn't want her in my house anymore. She sounds much more destructive than the average three year old. You shouldn't have to shadow her at this age. She should be able to handle normal freedoms.

It's possible that she's showing off for your kids, and isn't that destructive without an audience, or sidekicks. But, it's still your house, and you don't have the time to shadow her.

Anyway, I'm sorry the talk hurt the mom's feelings. But, often, a parent needs to hear something several times from other people to realize that they need to make some changes. She is probably a typical challenging kid, but her parents either don't do anything, or don't know what to do, or don't think it's odd.

I had a lady from church tell me "My Mother in Law says my daughter is too hard to watch, and she won't let her spend the night with the other cousins anymore". So, I said "Well, she keeps the sunday school teachers very busy...they had to bring in one more adult just for her". Mom had no idea we had done that. Nobody ever really TOLD her. We had complaints each week, but we never really said "Because of her behavior, we need a third adult in the room". So, they made some very severe changes at home. It got better. But, they had to hear it a few times before realizing it was the child, not the adults around her.

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