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How the heck to eat!?

Starting Monday, ds will have hockey practice from 5-6... right in the middle of dinner time. To make matters WORSE, its about a 15-20 minute drive sans traffic, and since thats right about rush hour time here, we have to leave by 4:15 AT THE LATEST, which makes an early dinner out of the running. We will also likely hit traffic on the way home, I'm expecting, from end of practice to get home, 30-45 minutes, which is pretty much bedtime :/

How the heck do I feed the kids!? Last time we ended up grabbing Chik-fil-a because it was right there and easy. But spending $100 a month on eating out ONE night a week kinda blew my thrifty-ness. I thought about packing sandwiches, but really, after an hour of roller hockey, a 4 year old needs a little more than that.

So what the heck do i do? Just bite the bullet and let him eat chik-fil-a once a week and counteract the junk food with super healthy food all the rest of the time!? Push dinner way back those nights and hope it doesn't screw with their schedule? They're on a new schedule since last time he did hockey, bedtime has moved up 3 hours. And anytime they're up late, they're miserable and off their schedule for the next few days...

UGH. who knew an extracurricular activity could wreck so much havoc!?
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