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New WAHM Large Purple Longies - overnight

Each of these items has been acquired for my daughter and I have decided I cannot use each of them for different reasons (size and taste mostly).

New, deep purple, L/XL WAHM Longies with extra thick (4 layers) soaker area: The WAHM is on DS (rockinlou) and I traded her a disana soaker that had felted too small for my son. It was one of my first trades and I should have given specific measurements for her. Oh well! Live and learn. She was super nice and these were upcycled woolies made for us. She made them "large." The color is a lovely jewel purple and I intended to use them for night on DD, but I'm afraid they will never fit.


W: 22.5 inches
I: 11 inches
R:19 inches

Color in close up looks different because of flash. It was hard to capture the true color of these woolies. They are closer to the color in the first pic.

------------Below are sold---------------------------------

VGUC Babyology Size Medium: No stains or damage, just some mild wear and pilling. These have impressed me with how well they have held up. Too small for DD now.

$20ppd SOLD

VGUC Sustainablebabyish Medium Longies: Ister - I am only selling these because I have decided that I prefer girly-er colors for DD. Some mild wear/pilling. One small snag on the front of the leg.

$36ppd SOLD

Medium NWT Woollybottoms: I got these and never returned them, but they are just too boyish for my taste. charcoal/orange

20ppd SOLD

VGUC S/M (6-12 months-ish) knit set. I bought this on DS and used it a few times. The wool is buttery soft... really. Some of the softest wool I own. DD is just about to outgrow it, and I don't use it very often. I would hang on to it if my hubby didn't make a face every time I put it on her. :-/ There is some felting around the neck (mostly the previous owner, we just didn't use it much) Otherwise, all other wear is very mild.

15ppd SOLD

Little Beetles Organic Diaper Cover size 2.5 (20-30lbs). These were very lightly used by one baby. I just use soakers, skirties and longies way more than covers. There is some very light lanolin staining on the front, but no other issues.

24ppd SOLD (I have more pics, but DS image uploader has frozen. Will upload more later, or you can PM me for more)

VGUC S/M WAHM wool shorties. These are made of crepe wool. There are no issues except the the yellow pair has a small, very light pinkish staining on the waist band, which I couldn't capture with a photo.

9ppd each or 16ppd for both SOLD

W: 17 inches
R: 7.5
I: 2.75

W:18 inches
R: 7.5
I: 3

M-L Knit Longies with Crocheted ruffle: I purchased these from another DS mama and realized that my daughter will probably never fit in these when she's in diapers (we are short, short people). I don't know the yarn type, but it's in good condition. I would say it's still VGUC.

20ppd sold
W: 21 inches
I (with ruffle): 9.5 inches
R(with ruffle): 16 inches

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