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Red Raspberry Leaf tea opinions

I'm known for looooooong labors. I progress, but slowly.

1st baby: 69.5 hours
2nd baby: 8 hours
3rd baby: 24 hours, given Cytotec at the end
4th baby: 20 hours, given Pitocin at the end

Cytotec and Pitocin sucks! I've never been in so much pain in my life and really don't want to do that again. Once I reached 10cm, I waited for no one and I pushed those last 2 babies out in 15 seconds flat. I wanted those contractions to STOP!

After the 4th baby and that awful labor, I was thinking about that 2nd labor at only 8 hours - what did I do differently? That was the only pregnancy that I had regular chiropractor appointments and I drank red raspberry leaf tea every day since 7 weeks.

I've been drinking it every day since I found out I was pregnant this time around, but what I'm really obsessed about is will it work? Does it really help?

That 2nd baby just turned 12 years old, so I'm a lot older than I was when I had him. I can't do the chiropractor because our insurance changed and it would be too expensive. I want to move along quickly enough that no one mentions Pitocin to me! I can't do that again.

Does anyone think RRL tea helped them?

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