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How to handle one napper and one escape artist

For a while ODS (almost 3) has pretty much given up naps. To get yds (20m) down for a nap I've been able to bribe ods with Batman and milk to stay on the couch while I get his brother to sleep. But, now he very quickly remembers his ability to climb and open everything in the house. If I turn around he is outside playing in the backyard in seconds. I don't think it's safe to leave him in a room alone, but if I try to get him to lay down or read quietly in the same room, they just keep riling each other up...for hours if they have to. Other than spending every afternoon driving in hopes of a car nap, I am out of ideas. Or I guess I can let yds cry it out. Any other ideas ladies? It is driving me bonkers and I don't want to be cranky with my kids.
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